Our development team has managed to deliver the update much sooner than we planned.
We are glad to announce that the new version of Qyno Coin (v2.0.0.4) was released.
This is a mandatory update and you must update your wallets and masternodes until: 24.12.2018. After this date the old version will stop working.

Update Procedure:
Download the new version https://github.com/qyno/qynocoin/releases/tag/v2.0.0.4
Backup your wallet by creating a safe copy of "wallet.dat" file.
Shutdown your wallet and then copy/paste the new files over the old ones. As mentioned you must update all your wallets and masternodes
Update Procedure for One-Click Install:
Just run the script again and your masternode will be udated.
The new version has some improvements for network performance and we also fixed some minor bugs. The new version also have task scheduler CScheduler lightweight, ban node in RPC/GUI. We also added "resync command" in RPC/GUI.