Qyno is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem centered around Qyno Coin, a high performance digital currency.

Qyno aims to bring the cryptocurrency world closer to the real world through the use of Qyno Coin, our highly applicable and adoptable digital currency. Qyno Coin (QNO) is embedded with InstantSend and PrivateSend features, making QNO transactions instant, anonymous and nearly free to send. With Qyno, businesses finally have a solution for trading assets and goods in a secure, low-cost environment that allows them to reach their financial objectives. Trading assets have always been easier with trading bots. According to bitcoin höhle der löwen seriös, Crypto trading bots are offered that promise exorbitant profits.

New edge Complex Secure crypto currency

Passive income with a inf% annual return of investment

Qyno Project

Qyno project's goal is the development of tools and products that can allow everyone access to faster, safer, anonymous, and near-zero cost financial products and services. Having meticulously studied and tested existing blockchain-based financial products and networks, we have created Qyno with the aim of becoming a reference in the blockchain financial services sector.

Predecessors are meant to be learned from and eventually overcome. If this weren't the case, we would still be stuck with Friendster for social networking or Napster for peer-to-peer sharing. Bitcoin may be just such a predecessor, yet there isn't enough being done in the blockchain space to move beyond its slow transaction times and exorbitant fees. However, crypto trading market is witnessing a lot of innovations recently. It has become possible for even a novice to trade like a pro using automated platforms. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-wallet-vergleich/bitcoin-wallet-erstellen/ to learn about bitcoin wallets to store the traded bitcoins.

The core of the Qyno Project is Qyno Coin (QNO), a digital currency based on the latest blockchain technology and network architecture created to go beyond Bitcoin by providing seamless, instant, and low cost transactions secured by masternodes.

Qyno Coin Specification

Symbol: QNO

QNO picks up where BTC left off. Due to it's elegant masternode architecture, low cost of use, and instantaneous transaction capabilities, global adoption of QNO will be rapid and steep.

Algorithm: quark

Type: POS + Masternode

A proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain is a system that helps to prevent denial of service attacks and spam on the network. This is done by receiving work from the service requester.

Max coin supply: 25,000,000

Max coin supply is the maximum amount of QNO coins to be minted. The supply release schedule avoids inflation while providing the network sufficient liquidity.

Block generation: 60 seconds

The block generation time is the time needed to mine a block. Block time is set as a constant to ensure that miners' computational power will not impact the security of the network.

Masternode Collateral: 5000 QNO

In order to own and operate a masternode, 5000 QNO are required as a collateral. This collateral prevents Sybil attacks on the network whereby would-be attackers are able to setup numerous masternodes and interfere with network operations.

Reward Table
Blocks Stake Masternodes Total
1-20160 0.0002 0.0008 0.001
20160-86400 2 8 10
86400-129600 1.5 8.5 10
129600-172800 1.65 9.35 11
172800-388800 1.2 10.8 12
388800-525600 2.4 9.6 12
525600-1051200 2.2 8.8 11

After block 1051200 25% decrease every year

Qyno - Trading Made Easy on the Blockchain

From the outset, the pillar of the Qyno project will be the Qyno coin, a utility coin with two aims. First, the Qyno coin will function as a stable asset enabling the development of the project's ecosystem. Second, the Qyno coin will reward masternode operators with industry-leading ROI, as masternode operators will earn a generous passive income due to a staggering 90% block reward. The purpose of such a mammoth block reward is to create a very high incentive for masternode operators working to secure the network.

The Qyno coin's stability will allow users to engage the Qyno financial system easily. Without major fluctuations in price affecting the net cost of users looking to enter and use the Qyno financial system, adoption of the system will happen quickly and globally. The entry into and use of blockchain-based financial systems tend to be prohibitive, due in part to the fact that the utility coins associated with those financial systems fluctuate wildly in value, making cost analysis for users looking to enter the system difficult to calculate.

The Core of the Qyno Financial Ecosystem Q-Paygate Apps and eCommerce Solutions

Users adopting Qyno will find the timely deployment and integration of Q-PayGate, the payment gateway milestone at the core of the Qyno financial ecosystem. With Q-PayGate any tool, product, or merchant service can be seamlessly integrated with the blockchain, allowing users a time-saving, streamlined experience that delivers unmatched functionality. Developing and implementing payment plugins for any eCommerce platform, such as industry giants WooCommerce, is part of the Q-Paygate mission.

The plugins developed as part of the Q-Paygate engine will differ from traditional eCommerce plugins in that they will, notably, generate extra income for merchants accepting Qyno payments. For merchants the implications of the Qyno income-generating plugins will be staggering: Merchants with a high amount of traffic and sales will be able to use those funds to run a masternode. Masternodes generate a 90% block reward, provide merchants with a large extra income for adopting the Qyno platform, while at the same time providing additional network stability.

The Qyno foundation will fund the creation and additional development of plugins from an allocation entitled strictly to product development, leading to contented and very well supported developers who in turn provide the Qyno financial ecosystem with unparalleled product development.

Blockchain Made Simple

When compared to the total amount of people worldwide using traditional forms of money such as Euro, Yen, and American Dollars, the use and spread of cryptocurrency appears very small. That is owing in part to the relative infancy of the cryptocurrency world, but if crypto is to see adoption on the scale necessary to compete with traditional forms of money both physical and digital, then blockchain-based financial platforms need to have, as their primary quality, ease of use for the most amount of people worldwide. Only then will the crypto world see the adoption necessary for blockchain to fulfill its revolutionary potential.

Qyno financial ecosystem has, at the core of its mission, the adoption of worldwide users in mind and as such has created a platform for the people. Access to Qyno is global, painless, and offers financial mobility unlike other platforms past or present. Bank account withdrawals and deposits are core functions of the Qyno ecosystem, and ease of these two functions are blended into every Qyno tool available.

Because bank deposits are a key factor in financial access globally, the Qyno development team has studied and developed a proof of concept relating to integrating this functionality into the Qyno blockchain with excellent results. Qyno bank deposits are being enabled to function with different accounts such as checking, savings, time deposit, and call deposit accounts.

Financial Products on the Blockchain

Traditional financial systems are more than just payment solutions; they're entire ecosystems aimed at capturing all of the financial activity present in society. The difference between traditional and blockchain based financial systems is that traditional, or centralized systems, rely on third parties for processing data and require high financial upkeep for executives, presidents, and trustees. Decentralized, blockchain based solutions such as Qyno are able to capture the same financial ecosystem without any of the costs associated with third parties, CEO's, or brick and mortar locations. Because of this, Qyno is able to offer users and merchants alike eCommerce solutions at fractions of the traditional costs.

Qyno Foundation

As part of the Qyno foundation protocol, the Qyno team is constantly developing new features in addition to working on current milestones. The allocation of development resources to research means that the Qyno team is perpetually refining and advancing its product for ease of use and worldwide user adoption.

Blockchain Data

Last Block:
Last Block Generated:
1 min, 5 sec ago
Average Block Time:
1 min, 0 sec
377.542 GH/s
Total: 0 / Active: 0


What is a Masternode

Perhaps you've heard of masternodes but are still unclear on what exactly they are and why they're the hottest properties in cryptocurrency. Masternodes provide next-level validation for blockchain networks in ways that standard mining can not, as well as enabling functions beyond what standard proof of work algorithms are capable of. But, how do they work? Essentially, masternodes are decentralized servers which host a wallet holding the masternode-enabled cryptocurrency within.

These distributed masternodes perform tasks for the network such as:

  • Adding layers of anonymity
  • Instantly sending/receiving transactions
  • Enabling decentralized governance models wherein masternode owners vote and make network decisions
  • Provide financial incentive to masternode operators by providing them a return for the number of coins staked in the node

The last point is most salient for prospective masternode operators. Similar to proof-of-stake blockchains which reward users with a return for staking their tokens to validate the network, users must buy a set amount of coins to own and operate a masternode, thus becoming entitled to the passive income generated by the masternode as it performs work for the network. Qyno is just such a coin with an industry-high 90% block reward payout going to masternode operators.

Qyno passive income

Users seeking a high-return masternode for earning passive income needn't look further than Qyno. With a low cost of entry at 5,000 Qyno per masternode, users can experience the simplicity of generating a return on their investment while sleeping by simply depositing the required amount of coins in their Qyno wallet and getting their masternode started.

After becoming a Qyno masternode operator, annual masternode ROI of inf% can provide a handsome passive income. Using the Qyno masternode monitor allows operators to keep an eye on the return generated by their masternode and toggle additional features.

Price USD/QNO: $0.00
Masternode Annual ROI: inf%
Price BTC/QNO: 0 BTC

How it works

Purchase 5,000 QNO as collateral

Available After Blockchain Launch

Monitor your node and income

Monitor your node and ROI


NodeVault - Masternode Monitoring Mobile App
NodeVault gives you the ability to constantly have an eye on your Masternodes and monitor your daily income directly from your phone.

Official QYNO Shared MasterNode
Qyno.io provides access to Qyno Shared MN with the possibility for passive income and incease of shares.

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Wallet and Downloads

Start using QYNO right now

The Qyno wallets are part and parcel of our goal and vision of providing the finest blockchain tools and infrastructure available.

Surveillance and blockchain analysis techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Because of this, tools for guarding your online privacy have never been more important than they are now. The Qyno wallet incorporates PrivateSend, a feature allowing users to anonymously perform Qyno transactions.

Source Code

Paper Wallet

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Windows 64 bit

Linux 32 bit

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