Qyno website update- two new sections to get closer to our community

30-Oct-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

Every project must get closer and closer to its community and this more true in the crypto world. This is why we have updated our website and we have created two new sections that we consider very important.

The first new section is a News and Announcements section where we will post all news and updates related to Qyno Project. For now we invite everyone to keep an eye on this section to always be up to date about the project development. On each articles the readers will have the possibility to share the news with their friends. In the future we will also create a section where users can subscribe and receive a notification each time there is a new article.

The second one is the Partners section where we will post offers and services provided by our partners. At this moment we already have a partnership with QYNO.IO that is a shared masternode service and Cyber Hour a well known hosting company that offer discount offers for Qyno community.

If you want to became our partners and you think your services can help our community please contact us via email at: [email protected]

At this point after the difficulties  we are back on track and as announced we are testing the Qyno Mobile Wallet Beta version and we hope to have a version ready to be released in a few weeks.

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