Qyno Mobile Wallet v1.0.0 for Android is now available on Google Play

16-Nov-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

After weeks of development and hard work we our team of developers and our partners are ready to present v1.0.0 of Qyno Mobile Wallet for Android that is now available on Google Play.

This represent the first step towards the mass adoption of QYNO Coin as a high performance digital currency and we made a small step to the Qyno is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem

The current version is just a simple mobile wallet that will be used as foundation for feature development's. Our team is already working on the next version that plan to have more features and improvements.... (Read More)

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Qyno website update- two new sections to get closer to our community

30-Oct-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

Every project must get closer and closer to its community and this more true in the crypto world. This is why we have updated our website and we have created two new sections that we consider very important.

The first new section is a News and Announcements section where we will post all news and updates related to Qyno Project. For now we invite everyone to keep an eye on this section to always be up to date about the project development. On each articles the readers will have the possibility to share the news with their friends. In the... (Read More)

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We are starting the BETA testing for Qyno Mobile Wallet

25-Oct-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

After weeks of hard works our developers in collaboration with our partners start the test for QYNO Mobile Wallet Beta Version

Qyno Mobile Wallet  is designed to be a robust and simple mobile wallet and it represent the first product that bring us closer to our goals. After the release of the first version our team will continue working on the mobile wallet and based on users feedback we will start to add more and more features.

As the development of the project move forward we are also planing to offer a complete and integrated payment solution by integrating the... (Read More)

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Qyno is now on CoinmarketCap

01-Sep-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

As you know the QYNO Project is hitting targets after targets and today we reached an important one.

Qyno COIN is listed on CoinMarketCap.com https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/qyno/

As you know CMC (the #1 coins statistics website), even after they remove the volume restriction, they still have a very difficult and selective listing process, so our listing is another proof of the stability and the future potential of the project.

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Discover Discord invites contest!

01-Jul-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

Qyno Coin is celebrating its mainnet launch with an epic Discord invite contest!

The format is simple:

We'll divide a prize of 2000 QNO between the top 5 community members who rack up the most invites to our Discord channel!

The giveaway structure is as follows, with the community member who receives the most invites being rewarded the lion's share of the prize:

1 - 800 QNO

2 - 500 QNO

3 - 300 QNO

4 - 250 QNO

5 - 150 QNO

The contest ends 10.08.2018, with payouts to the winners occuring on 15.08.2018

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