Finalizing Research & Development Stage


Finalizing Blockchain Testing


Finalizing Website Development


Launch Website


Bounty and Promotions Campaigns


Press Releases About Qyno


Launch Blockchain


Wallet Release (Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry)


Masternode Statistics Websites Listing


CoinMarketCap Listing


Mining Statistics Websites Listing


Exchange Listing


New Big Exchange Listing


IOS & Android Mobile Wallet Development

Press Releases About Qyno Project Status and Development

Prepare website for future project developments

Marketing and Awareness Campaign

Stage 1 of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method

Starting Payment Gateway Development Process

Stage 2 of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method

Merchants Reward Campaign

PR events and promotion

Qt wallet redesign and upgrade

Launch Payment Gateway

Web Wallet

Stage 3 Of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method

Payment Plugin Development for TOP 5 eCommerce Platforms

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