Single masternode on Linux VPS (Ubuntu 16.04 x64)


  • 1. A remote server (Virtual Private Server, VPS) which will be our masternode wallet.
  • 2. PuTTY, which will be used to setup the server (install the dependencies, the wallet itself, and configure everything) after the initial configuration.
  • 3. 5001 or more QNO as collateral (5000 QNO + 1 QNO to cover the transaction fees)


1. Deploy VPS server
2. VPS configuration
3. Start masternode

1. Deploy VPS server

a) Register: and add some funds. Min $10

b) Press "Servers"

c) Press "+"

Select any server location | Server type: Ubuntu 16.04 x64 | Server Size: 25 GB SSD 5$/mo 1cpu 1024mb 1000gb or greater

Server hostname & label: Give name to your server (ex: QYNOMN1)

d) Press "DEPLOY NOW"

Once install done you'll get confirmation email. It'll take up to 5 mins.

e) Press your server name

You'll see your IP, username and password
*to see your password press "EYE" icon

2. VPS configuration

a) Download PUTTY for your windows system

b) Copy your VPS IP address and open PUTTY

c) Paste IP to PUTTY "Host name" and press OPEN and answer "Yes"

Login as: root
Password: (Copy from vultr control panel, for paste your password just click right mouse button in putty, you will not see anything - it's normal, press ENTER.)

* It is absolutely normal that password is invisible. Cursor will not move.
* Always use mouse selection for COPY text from PUTTY to WINDOWS
* Always use right button click for PASTE text in PUTTY from WINDOWS

d) RUN script(select from below, COPY, PASTE in Putty and press ENTER):
wget -qO- | bash
(It may take 2-3 minutes. It will automatically install and configure Qyno Wallet and Qyno Sentinel for your masternode!)

* Always use mouse selection for COPY text from PUTTY to WINDOWS
* Always use right button click for paste text in PUTTY from WINDOWS

e) Note VPS_IP:PORT and Masternode Privatekey in Notepad(text file)

f) Get QYNO masternode address. This is address where you should send exactly 5000 QNO.
qyno-cli getaccountaddress masternode

g) Send 5000 coins to the generated address and wait 15 confirmations (15 mins approximately).

h) Get masternode collateral_output_txid and collateral_output_index and save it to notepad without quotes and brakets:
qyno-cli masternode outputs

i) Edit masternode.conf file: nano /root/.qyno/masternode.conf

j) To the bottom of text you should paste your data(divided by spaces):
Masternodename - any you want
IP:port - Your VPS ip address and port 39741(port is fixed for all). You got it from step #2-e
masternodeprivkey - You got it from step #2-e
collateral_output_txid - first part of masternode outputs. You got it from step #2-h
collateral_output_index - second part of masternode outputs (usually 1 or 0). You got it from step #2-h

k) Save changes in mastenode.conf file and exit by pressing CTRL+O -> ENTER -> CTRL+X

l) Stop and start qyno server by:
systemctl restart qynod.service

m) Make sure your wallet is syncing with the QYNO network:
qyno-cli mnsync status

"IsBlockchainSynced": true,
"IsMasternodeListSynced": true,
"IsWinnersListSynced": true,
"IsSynced": true,
* That is mean your node is synced

3. Start masternode

a) Type in PUTTY:
qyno-cli masternode start-all

b) To check masternode status:
qyno-cli masternode list-conf

* Your status will become "PRE_ENABLED" and after 30-60min it will be changed to "ENABLED"
* Restart your wallet(systemctl restart qynod.service), make sure your wallet is syncing with the Qyno network(qyno-cli mnsync status) and masternode(qyno-cli masternode start-all) if your status became "NEW_START_REQUIRED" after running a few days.
* Don't worry if status is "WATCHDOG_EXPIRED". It will go back to "ENABLED" in 30-60 minutes.