PrivateSend technology is implemented on Qyno blockchain! PrivateSend uses an innovative process to mix your inputs! The anonymous transactions will mix your funds and they will be untraceble trough masternodes network!


Your time is very important for us! InstantSend payments is a advanced service on Qyno network that allows for near-instant transactions to take place and verified by the network’s masternodes.

Asic Resistant

Qyno uses NeoScrypt which is ASIC resistant and is a highly secure. NeoScrypt PoW Blocks can be solved via CPU or GPU which helps maintain decentralization, as an average person is able to meaningfully participate in PoW mining.

Symbol: QNO

Algorithm: Quark

Type: POS + Masternode

Max coin supply: 25,000,000

Block generation: 60 seconds

Decentralized Masternode Network

Masternode Collateral: 5,000 QNO

Reward Table
Blocks Stake Masternodes Total
1-20160 0.0002 0.0008 0.001
20160-86400 2 8 10
86400-129600 1.5 8.5 10
129600-172800 1.65 9.35 11
172800-388800 1.2 10.8 12
388800-525600 2.4 9.6 12
525600-1051200 2.2 8.8 11

After block 1051200 25% decrease every year

Last Block: 30,274

Last Block Generated: 1 min, 5 sec ago

Average Block Time: 1 min, 0 sec

Network: 130.909 GH/s

Difficulty: 1,983.1297

Masternodes: 135 / Active: 135

Block Reward: 10 QNO

About QYNO

Qyno is a blockchain-based financial services platform designed to seamlessly integrate physical and digital commerce. Enabled by the frictionless, secure, and global qualities inherent to cryptocurrencies, Qyno seeks to create a financial services ecosystem accessible by one and all using nothing more than the platform's native coin, QYNO.

With anonymous, nearly zero-cost transactions allowing merchants to do business in a secure and instant fashion, the Qynos platform enables the next generation of eCommerce on the blockchain. Using an industry-leading masternode model to secure the Qynos platform means merchants will never have to worry about the safety of traded assets. Step into the future of eCommerce with Qynos.

Coin Supply:

2,109,149 QNO

Market Capital:

525,460 USD
75.823920661 BTC