Annual ROI: 2051%
USD/QNO: $0.00

Income Simulator

Investment: 5,000 QNO / 0 BTC

281 QNO



8,429 QNO



102,556 QNO



The above info is just a simulation and does not represent a guarantee and is generated based on the current blockchain and market data that can change in the future.

What is a Masternode

Perhaps you've heard of masternodes but are still unclear on what exactly they are and why they're the hottest properties in cryptocurrency. Masternodes provide next-level validation for blockchain networks in ways that standard mining can not, as well as enabling functions beyond what standard proof of work algorithms are capable of. But, how do they work? Essentially, masternodes are decentralized servers which host a wallet holding the masternode-enabled cryptocurrency within.

These distributed masternodes perform tasks for the network such as:

  • Adding layers of anonymity
  • Instantly sending/receiving transactions
  • Enabling decentralized governance models wherein masternode owners vote and make network decisions
  • Provide financial incentive to masternode operators by providing them a return for the number of coins staked in the node

The last point is most salient for prospective masternode operators. Similar to proof-of-stake blockchains which reward users with a return for staking their tokens to validate the network, users must buy a set amount of coins to own and operate a masternode, thus becoming entitled to the passive income generated by the masternode as it performs work for the network. QYNO is just such a coin with an industry-high 90% block reward payout going to masternode operators.

QYNO passive income

Users seeking a high-return masternode for earning passive income needn't look further than QYNO. With a low cost of entry at 5,000 QYNO per masternode, users can experience the simplicity of generating a return on their investment while sleeping by simply depositing the required amount of coins in their QYNO wallet and getting their masternode started.

After becoming a QYNO masternode operator, annual masternode ROI in excess of +20,000% can provide a handsome passive income. Using the QYNO masternode monitor allows operators to keep an eye on the return generated by their masternode and toggle additional features.