We are starting the BETA testing for Qyno Mobile Wallet

25-Oct-2018 | Posted by Qyno News

After weeks of hard works our developers in collaboration with our partners start the test for QYNO Mobile Wallet Beta Version

Qyno Mobile Wallet  is designed to be a robust and simple mobile wallet and it represent the first product that bring us closer to our goals. After the release of the first version our team will continue working on the mobile wallet and based on users feedback we will start to add more and more features.

As the development of the project move forward we are also planing to offer a complete and integrated payment solution by integrating the mobile wallet with all the applications like Q-PayGate and the Qyno Web Wallet (both planned for future development).


The current version of the wallet is a standalone application that connect directly to the blockchain. In the future we will continue to develop it in this direction and we also taking in consideration to use and process data from both Q-PayGate and the Qyno Web Wallet. By doing this we will be able to combine the features of a blockchain application with those of a web application and this way we not only make QYNO coin more easy to adopt but we will also be able to get closer to our goal of creating a complete financial ecosystem.

Even if we are talking about a basic version it also require to pass to all development stages so at this point will be unrealistic to provide an exact eta for the release but we will keep you updated with every stage of the development.

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